RSS Feed Capability Added

What on Earth is RSS?

A feed is a special function that allows feed readers (which can be separate programmes or web pages) to access sites and look automatically for new content and pull it down into one place for easy viewing. Specifically this allows users to keep easily up to date with their favourite blog’s content without having to waste time by frequent checking of multiple blog sites. There are several different kinds of feeds which can be read by different feed readers. Some feeds include RSS (which usually stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or sometimes “Rich Site Summary”), Atom or RDF files.

So What Can You Do With It?

Well this is the really cool part. Instead of checking your 50 favourite blog sites for new posts each day, you link them to your feed reader via RSS. This centralizes new content which only shows up when present. This saves you time and potentially lets you review more blog sites. To learn more check out Mezzoblue’s What is RSS/XML/Atom/Syndication?

How Do I Use It?

At the bottom of my website’s pages, on the left-hand side, you will see a little orange icon which says “RSS Feed” when you hover over it. You should also see the feed address pop up over the top of the copyright notice on the right-hand side. Click on the orange icon and, in Windows using Internet Explorer, you will be taken to the blog content in the built-in feed reader, and have an opportunity to subscribe to my blog. Otherwise you can enter the feed address into your favoured feed reader (I use FeedDemon).