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I’ve been interested in photography since my early teenage years when my father brought me my first camera. I remember it being a very primitive Russian affair, 35mm though, with a manually cocked shutter, a series of shutter speeds and apertures and a manual focusing system based on distance. Moving through to more sophisticated Nikon SLRs in my adult life I continued to be dissatisfied with the, often terrible, interpretations of the original negatives that were offered up as reasonable facsimiles by way of the output 6×4 prints.

My first digital camera was a Canon G5, and although I was rather dismayed at the quality of the initial jpeg images, I quickly saw the potential in the low ISO RAW files. This led rapidly to the purchase of a Nikon D70, and a substantial investment in learning Photoshop. The control offered by digital photography continues to amaze and delight me as I incrementally stretch the boundaries of my own shooting in camera, and my Photoshop skills in post-production later on.

I have always been interested in social photography (including weddings) but recently have been trying to extend my wildlife photography skills, and to become more confident in my use of strobes. The Doctor’s Images is to be my showcase for my images and, in part, a description of my personal journey of discovery.

This website is called ‘The Doctor’s Images’ because I am a psychiatrist (doctor) by training and this domain name was, to my astonishment, available – so I bagged it. I hope you enjoy my galleries, and you are welcome to leave comments. This is the second year of running this website, so this must continue to be viewed as something of an experiment. I will blog from time to time to let you know how I am getting on with this ever refine-able specialism that we call photography.

Best wishes,